American Born Chinese english assignment help

The assignment for this lesson is as follows:

Write a review of the first part of American Born Chinese that explains your opinion on the effectiveness of two different plot elements. Cite specific evidence from the text to support your analysis, which may be positive, negative, or some of both.

Your assignment should include the following elements:

  • Evidence that reveals your understanding of the plot elements you are discussing in your review
  • A clear perspective about how the plot elements in the story affect the reader’s experience
  • A paragraph for each plot element you’re discussing; each paragraph should use examples from the story
  • A professional and engaging tone that uses parallel structure and varied syntax

Please note:

Ask yourself these questions as you review:

  • Did I take a clear stance on how successful I thought the use of each plot element was?
  • Does my review contain two paragraphs and address one plot element in each?
  • Is my evidence specific and relevant to my points?
  • Did I use parallel construction at least once, and use it properly?
  • Did I use a variety of phrases and clauses?

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