american for prosperity interet group – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |

american for prosperity interet group – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |

Through your research and analysis of the interest group, your paper will

address at

a minimum the following:

  1. History of the group.
  2. The role of your group in local, state, or national politics.
  3. Your analysis of the effect this group has had on your community or government.
  4. A brief analysis of contributions to political candidates and causes. (This may be difficult for a local interest group, affecting your local community. You will have to call the organization to obtain this information.)
  5. Why you chose this group.

Your paper will be:

  • a

    minimum of 800 – 1000 words, in APA format.

  • graded

    both on Writing Mechanics and Content

    • should

      include at least two sources other than the course text and must follow APA style guidelines.

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