Your entries should deal with or evolve from the course materials in some way and should be of a substantial nature.  The entries might deal with material we discuss in class, with material we didn’t manage to cover in class, or with outside sources that you find about the class material. 

This assignment will not be graded based on structure, organization, grammar, and so forth.  Instead, you’ll be graded on how substantial (in terms of length and critical thought) and timely your entries are.  Aim for about 300 words or more of thoughtful prose.  

Do not merely summarize what you have read; you need to put critical thought into what you write.  Relate the information to what you’ve read elsewhere, for example, or suggest how the material relates to other classes or to your personal experience.  Think of this assignment as a sort of reading journal. 


The White Man’s Burden – Rudyard Kipling, 

The Lady of Shalott – alfred, Lord Tennyson

Aurora Leigh – Elizabeth Barrett Browning,

“Dover Beach” –Matthew Arnold, 

 â€œNeutral Tones-Thomas Hardy

The Cherry Trees-Edward Thomas

W. B. Yeats, “Leda and the Swan

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