Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Monsanto seeds health and medicine homework help

i want just  a short paragraph 

(I am not sure if you have paid attention but the company that we saw in the Cancer Video (Bayer Pharmaceutical) is about to pay $66 Billion CASH for Monsanto Seed Company.  Many people, especially Europeans, are not happy about this deal.  So in this discussion this week, I want to talk about this merger to try to understand what it could mean for the health of the Global Community.

Questions to consider:

Do you know anything about these two companies?  If not please, take some time to google or wiki them to find out. Tell us what you have found.

Given who these companies are, is there concern that they are becoming one mega company?

Do you think this merger would affect the food supply and health programs in the future?

Here are a couple of articles to get you started. But I DO EXPECT you to do your OWN searches to find out more.

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