Binomial distribution Normal Distribution Topics math homework help

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Binomial distribution,Normal Distribution Topics

1. Natway, a national distribution company of home vacuum cleaners, recommends that its salespersons make only two calls per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Twenty-five percent of the time a sales call will result in a sale, and the profit from each sale is $125. Develop the probability distribution for sales during a five-day week. 

 What is the mean and variance of this distribution? 

What is the expected weekly profit for a salesperson? 

2. Sales for Fast Kat, a 16-foot catamaran sailboat, have averaged 250 boats per month over the last five years, with a standard deviation of 25 boats. Assuming that the demand is about the same as past years and follows a normal curve.  What is the probability sales will be less than 280 boats?  What is the probability that sales will be more than 265 boats during the next month? What is the probability that sales will be less than 250 boats next month?

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