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  For this discussion, I have chosen the case of O.J. Simpson. This case is a representation of communication being inaccurate. There were so many issues with the Los Angeles Police Department and they made many mistakes handing and reporting the evidence within this case. There was a miscommunication on the prosecution to the jurors as well, the prosecutors thought that they had a strong case with the DNA evidence they were to introduce. Though, the defense used communication with the jurors to allege misconduct with the new evidence and create a cloud of doubt in the jurors’ minds. Therefore O.J. Simpson was acquitted of this crime. Due to the fact that O.J. Simpson was acquitted of his criminal charges, the victims’ family brought civil charges against Simpson (Laws, n.d.).  The civil lawsuit found Simpson to be responsible for the murders.

  Communication is important in every aspect of the criminal justice system, from the investigators, to the reporting, to the detective work, to the trial preparation and the execution of the information at a trial. There are so many opportunities that information can be misread, misunderstood, or mishandled and this could cause a guilty person to be acquitted or an innocent person to be charged with a crime.


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