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Question is : Is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) primarily about profit rather than ethics?

-Think of writing this research essay as participating a debate. 

-In arguing your case you are required to anticipate the response from the alternative argument and counter those arguments in your essay.

Literature pointer: (Important)

Husted, B. W., Allen, D. B., & Kock, N. (2015). Value creation through social strategy. Business & Society54(2), 147-186.  <—(Important, Please include this in.)

Theorist : Friedman, Freeman, Carroll, Karnani, Schwartz

Structure to assist you:

(1) Introduction

(2) Use the 5 theorist (Friedman, Freeman, Carroll, Karnani, Schwartz) to discuss

(i) Is CSR primarily on profits rather than ethics? ((Friedman, Marx)

(ii) Is CSR primarily on ethics rather than profits? (Freeman, Aristotle)

(iii) Is CSR on neither ethics nor profits?

(IV) Is CSR on both ethics and profits? Schwartz and Carroll 

(V) Analysis

(Vi) Conclusion

-Use at least 14 references: 

-7 academic journal articles

-7 other quality references

-Harvard referencing

2000 words (+ or – 50 words) excluding references.

– try to get <10% plagarism rate

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