Data warehouse computer science homework help

Prior to creating the technical proposal for the data warehouse, the CEO would like you to present to the C-level executives the concepts of a data warehouse.The purpose of the paper is to discuss the viability of creating a data warehouse and providing justification to allocate resources to complete this project.

Given your research, how viable an option is creating a data warehouse? What evidence exists to support the decision to merge the existing IT infrastructures into a data warehouse? What are the key potential issues and the key goals that the data warehouse needs to meet? What are some potential issues you might face in merging the two infrastructures? Include all the details for the questions above and below.

I. Concepts of a Data Warehouse: Assess the value of using a data warehouse. Specifically, discuss the types of information that a data warehouse should include and how the information is organized. Why is a data warehouse the preferred solution? What value would a data warehouse add to a business?

II. Integration of Data Sources: Discuss in detail the sources of information that can be integrated from the various operational areas of the organization.

For example, while some information is housed in Excel spreadsheets, sales and marketing data may be in a CRM (customer resource management). 

III. Key Business Considerations: Address some of the business-related considerations. Some considerations include: Prior to investing in a specific data warehouse, what type of hardware and/or software will you consider? Will you hire a consultant to help with the implementation process? What is required prior to moving data to a data warehouse? Will there be necessary training? Support your conclusions.

IV. Closing statement: Summarize the overall presentation with care. This is your closing statement, the last message to your audiences and your last chance to convince them of the value of a data warehouse for solving their business problems.

All the questions should be answered and no plagiarism please , please include the citations and references where ever necessary. Looking for good content. 


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