Death in Venice by Mike Sager English homework help

hello this is my outline I want an summery/response essay about that outline and the attachment has the formal.

from 3 to 5 pages with the work cited page

Venice Outline

I.  Introduction

A.  Introductory statement

The characters are presented in their natural setting. A brief history of their past is given. The arising themes are drugs, poverty and revenge.

B.  Thesis Statement.

In the encounter the clients are presented in their daily life activities. They buy drugs from the previous night’s earnings. A history of their gang groups and an explanation of the gang’s status is also given

II.  Body

1.  Organized gangs

·  The main characters together with other members of the group are spending time together doing drugs.

·  The gang is insecure such that even Lil a leader carries a gun with him.

2.  Life in the society

·  The household majorly is run by the women for up to five generations

·  They have to work hard to take provide for the family and take care of the young ones.

·  The homeboys are jobless and look upon the women of the house to provide, a discrepancy exists.

·  The police and newspaper call them the gang but they identify V-13 as a neighborhood living in their homeland.

·  For the gang and the society changes are happening first.

3.  Drugs abuse and trafficking

·  The society is getting lost in drugs and the sole purpose of their living is to get more drugs.

·  Sell of drugs is still very rampant. Anyone sells cocaine and rock.

4.  Power and control

·  People with money, drugs and guns control the city.

·  It is the reason why a longtime grudge between the V-13 and Culver City stands to date, the V-13 lacks the manpower

III.  Conclusion

The existence of gangs has been the reason the cities are in danger of a lot of social vices and corrupt morals. Even if their aim before was protection, their joblessness have led to drug abuse and drug trafficking. Instead of protecting they now rule the city.

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