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Olivia is now 23 years old and four months pregnant. One year ago she married a young man named Jon. Their relationship has been turbulent from the start, but ever since the pregnancy and Olivia beginning to show, Jon has been increasingly controlling of the household finances as well as where Olivia goes, who she is with, and who she talks to. Jon appears to be isolating Olivia from her friends and family. He is often distant and stern with her, while Olivia tries to be the “perfect wife.” Jon is hypervigilant when he is at home. Olivia is not happy in the marriage, but when her best friend, Helena, said to her over the phone that she thought Jon was abusive, Olivia defended him and said that she would never leave since she had no place to go and no access to money. Olivia also added that Jon does not hit her or call her names, so he is not really abusing her and she guesses all will be OK. 

Olivia and Jon are a Mormon couple, and divorce is highly frowned upon by their faith and their families. 

In replying to the following questions and instructions, refer to Chapters 10 & 11 in Essentials of Human Development: A Life Span

  1. Do you feel that Jon is an abusive husband? Defend your answer based on the literature.
  2. Is Olivia showing signs of battered woman syndrome? Explain.
  3. Compare and contrast the many ways this scenario would be different if Olivia were abusing Jon instead of him abusing her. Differentiate how Jon would be viewed by society as an abused husband versus how Olivia would be viewed by society as an abused wife.
  4. Provide an internet resource designed to help individuals (men/women/children/LGBT/Q) who are experiencing abuse.

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