Effects of Abortion Sentence Outline help

Sentence Outline

For this assignment write a clearly formatted sentence outline.

  • Remember to use complete sentences. This outline will serve as a precursor to a complete draft.
  • Remember to provide a title for your intended paper and cite any sources you use according to MLA style. 
  • The length of this assignment will vary, but most outlines will range between 4-5 pages. It is OK to single-space your outline.

Your outline can earn up to 100 points and will be assessed on the following criteria:


Max Points

Content: Outline uses complete sentences to provide a holistic view of the intended research project as a precursor to a draft.


Sources: Outline shows evidence of careful selection and planned usage of sources throughout the paper. Sources are cited in MLA style.


Grammar/Mechanics: Rules of grammar, mechanics, and proper spelling are followed.


Total points:


Notes: I still haven’t done the survey on SurveyMonkey yet but please do include it in the outline. I also have a sample thesis below. The
sources.zip contains the articles about abortion while the
files.zip contains files that will help in making the sentence outline.


Research Question: What is the cause of recent declines in Arizona’s fish population?

Thesis: The Department of Natural Resources should determine whether increasing use of the lakes by recreational vehicles has caused the recent decline in fish populations in Arizona’s lakes.

research question is: 

Abortion causes mental health problems; the government should not legalize it.

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