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For this assignment, you will put the finishing touches on your career tool kit, which will help you accomplish the career goals that you set for yourself in Week 1. Update any of the materials that you have compiled in the previous weeks, including your ePortfolio, based on your practice and preparation for an interview. For this assignment, you will also add 3 more artifacts to this tool kit: a thank-you letter for the mock interview conducted in Week 4, a decision matrix to evaluate the position suitability to your goals, and an acceptance letter if a job offer was made. You will submit the entire career tool kit that you developed during each week as a whole.

Thank-You Letter

Use the following steps to develop your thank-you letter:

  1. Find an appropriate thank-you letter format.
  2. Compose a letter to thank the interviewer for his or her time and to reinforce your suitability for this position.
  3. Add this to the overall tool kit.

Decision Matrix For Evaluation of the Job and Offer

To develop your decision matrix, follow these steps:

  1. Research questions to use as criteria for making your decision.
  2. Construct a decision matrix with criteria similar to the sample below. Develop a ranking scheme to score your criteria.
  3. If you have more than one job offer, you can include each offer along the top of the matrix so that you can compare the rankings of each job.
  4. Fill in the ranking for the job that was part of your mock interview.
  5. Write some conclusions as to whether this is a job you should consider.
  6. Add this to the overall tool kit you will be submitting.


Job Opportunity 1

Job Opportunity 2

Job Opportunity 3



Job Location

Advancement Opportunities

Company Reputation

Job Stability


Acceptance Letter

To develop your acceptance letter, follow these steps:

  1. Find an appropriate format to write an acceptance letter.
  2. Include any items that may need to be negotiated, such as pay and benefits.
  3. Add this to the overall tool kit you will be submitting.

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New material of 3–5 pages; Entire package of 15–20 pages

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