I need help to answer q from Nasm

I need help to answer  question from Nasm

1- Questions

Chapter One:

1) Mention the new pedagogical features

2) Pick one of the pedagogical feature and explain in your own words

3) What does NASM and CPT stands for?

4) On page 9, figure 1.1 explain in your own words this figure and tell me why is important?

5) What are postural assessments? Why are they important?

Chapter Two

1) NASM requires the CPT’s to adhere to how many years of a cycle? Explain in your own words what does this means?

2) What are the (4) fitness employment opportunities and briefly explain

3) Which one would you be interested in? Why?

4) What are the Adjacent Careers? 

5) What are your educational responsibilities?

6) How can you grow professionally?

7) What does “Scope of Practice and Professional Limitations” entitles?

2- Questions

Chapter Three- Please answer the following questions below.

1. Define:

a) Kinesiology-

b) biomechanics-

2. Mentions the anatomic location from page 41 and briefly describe them.

3. Explain in your own words Pronation and Supination, flexor and extensor, abductor and adductor. Give an example of each.

4. Mention the 3 action spectrum and explain in your with an example.

5. Explain the concept of muscle that become dysfunctional.

6. Define:

a) Milalignment

b) Overactive

c) underactive

7) Explain underactive and overactive muscle in the following body parts:

a) Foot & Ankle

b) Knee


d) Shoulder

e) Head & neck

8) Explain the concept of Kinetic Chain Disruption

3- Questions

This week you will finishing these questions. After you are done please submit on D2L.

Chapter Four

1) Define:

a) Nervous System-

b) CNS-

c) Motor Control

d) Motor Development

e) Structural Efficiency

2) What are the 2 types and muscle fiber and describe a moment they perform

3) Why is important for the muscle to have great viscoelastic properties?


a) Agonist-

b) Synergist-

c) Stabilizer-

d) Antagonist-

4) What is difference between a ligament and a tendon?

5) When we are talking of axial and appendicular skeletons, what specifically we are talking about?

6) How many bones in the upper extremities?

7) How many bones in the lower extremities?

8) Mention 5 types and joints and give an example of each


4- Questions

1) What are macronutrients?

2) Describe the structure of Macronutrients

3) What id the main function of macronutrients

4) Describe the main role of water

5) Explain the laws to explain,” Basic Weight Loss and Weight Gain”

6) Explain foundation supplementation concepts

5- Questions

Define the following terms:

a) Principles of Specificity-

b) OTS-

c) Neuromuscular Specificity-

d) Metabolic Specificity-

e) Overload Principle-

f) Principle of Variation-

What is the rational of Support Integrated Training?

How does the OPT model and Integrated training relate to each other?

Based on principles of flexibility, explain in your on words how do we improve our flexibility?

How could we find out the right method to prescribe aerobic exercise intensity?

What is core training? Why is important?

What does SAQ stands for?

Define the following term:

a) Hyperthrophya

b) Power

c) Single set system

d) Multiple-set system

e) Pyramid system

f) Superset system

g) Circuit-training system

please make sure all answer coming from the book or from Nasm

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