In your work setting how might you teach and enforce ethical use of information health and medicine homework help


1) Current issues and trends in Informatics
In your work setting, how might you teach and enforce ethical use of information?

2) Safeguarding Health information and systems

What wording would you include in a document that each staff member must sign before being allowed access to the information systems in your workplace (a.k.a., an ethical computing statement)?

Nursing theory

1) Nursing Theory as Framework for Education 

If you were planning a new undergraduate nursing program, what is one nursing theory (grand or middle-range) that you would incorporate into the curriculum? Explain your reasoning.

2) Nursing Theory as Framework for Research

Summarize a specific research study that does not describe or name a theory or conceptual framework that guided the study. What consequences, if any, do you see from the absence of a guiding framework or theory?

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