International business focused on the country of CHINA business and finance homework help

1- Students are to post a recent news article/video from a reputable news source related to the topic of international business focused on the country of CHINA along with the relevancy to the course and key learning points from the article.

2- What are 3 or 4 key learning points from this week’s readings? Why were these important ideas or concepts and how do they relate to international business in today’s environment?

3- Chapter Six, “The Untouchables,” features the story of Friedman’s childhood friend Bill Greer. What does his story indicate about flattening in the creative fields? Will illustrators lose out to Illustrator? What would it take for you to become an untouchable?

Readings to Help:

Friedman, Chapter 6 & 7

Thomas & Inkson, Chapter 4

“What is a Global Manager” by Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal

MBA all work needs a scholarly source no plagerisim original please.

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