introduction to African South African Autobiography writing homework help

a 8- to 12-page paper, whose topic is described below. 
Your final paper should be a critical analysis of the course materials as they relate to the paper topic. Your starting point should be the outline that you submitted for Written Assignment 4. Remember, if you made significant changes to the outline after it was graded and reviewed.
As you discuss the issues required in the paper, you are expected to compare and contrast the books you were assigned for this course and to draw conclusions. Do not just discuss each book independently. Although you may call on relevant information presented in your online discussions and written assignments, you are expected to present fresh insights based on your perspective now that you have read all the books in the course.

  1. Introduction to African/South African Autobiography; Sindiwe Magona’s To My Children’s Children
  2. Antjie Krog’s The Country of My Skull
  3. Wole Soyinka’s Aké: The Years of Childhood
  4. Nozipo Maraire’s Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter

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