Introduction to Service Management business and finance homework help

Question 1.1. Which of the following is not an advantage of reducing the divergence of a service process?

  Improved productivity
  Greater flexibility
  Reduced costs

Question 2.2. A “line of interaction” can also be found on a service blueprint.


Question 3.3. Electronic services share many of the characteristics of traditional services.


Question 4.4. Service processes can be classified according to each of the following, except:

  the degree of customer satisfaction.
  the degree of customer contact.
  the object of the service activity defined as goods, information or people.
  the degree of divergence ranging from standard to customized service.

Question 5.5. E-service process dimensions include all but one of the following features:

  Include both front-office and back-office processes
  Degree of self-service
  Degree of customization
  All of the above.

Question 6.6. A service blueprint with a large number of intricate steps is considered to have a

  high degree of divergence.
  low degree of complexity.
  high degree of complexity.
  low degree of divergence.

Question 7.7. Which of the following is not a benefit to the franchisee of a franchise? )

  Brand name
  National advertising
  Economics of scale

Question 8.8. Which one of the following is not an example of a high customer contact service?

  Dry cleaning

Question 9.9. Advantages of online grocery shopping include all but one of the following:: )

  Saves time
  Reduces impulse buying
  Memory trigger

Question 10.10. When a firm offers multiple services at a single location, it is using a clustered service strategy.


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