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Answer the following questions and also the 5 questions on page 17 of the attached Ch. 3 PDF, in the Ethics in Practice Case “Where Did The Corn Go?”  You should recognize that your answers to these discussion questions should be well reasoned and supported with evidence. Make certain that you use chapter material and theory as the basis for your answers.  No outside material.  All work must be original as this will be submitted through Turnitin.  No plagiarism.  

1. Explain the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility> Provide several examples of each “layer” of the pyramid. Identify and discuss some of the tensions among the layers or components. How do the different layers of the pyramid “overlap” with each other? 

2. In your view, what is the single strongest argument against the idea of corporate social responsibility? What is the single strongest argument for corporate social responsibility? Briefly explain. 

3. Differentiate between corporate social responsibility and corporate social responsiveness. Give an example of each. How does corporate social performance relate to these terms? Where do corporate citizenship and sustainability fit in? 

4. Explain the concepts of stake and stakeholder from your perspective as an individual. What kinds of stakes and stakeholders do you have? Discuss. 

5. Explain in your own words the differences between the production, manager, and stakeholder views of the firm. Which view is best and why? 

6. Differentiate between primary and secondary social and nonsocial stakeholders in a business situation. Give examples of each. 

7. How is effective stakeholder management related to sustainability and sustainable development on the part of companies?

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