Mobile application computer science homework help

Please, answers and explain briefly the following questions:

1. In which of the following programming languages are Android applications written?

a. PHP

b.  C++

c.   Java

d.  HTML


2.  Joe receives a pop-up alert on his Android device stating that a friend has challenged him to a game. Which part of the Android application framework does this involve?

a.  Notifications

b.  Content

c.   Intents

d.  Services


3.  Which Android platform service manages the basic user interface on the device?

a.  FragmentManager

b.  AccessibilityManager

c.   ClipboardManager

d.  ViewManager


4.  Which of the following benefits is provided by joining the Open Handset Alliance for device manufacturers?

a.  The ability to license Google Mobile Services (GMS)

b.  Access to the Android Open Source Project

c.   The ability to publish applications on Google Play

d.  No developer registration fee for publishing applications on Google Play


5.  To what platform do Android developers currently publish apps?

a.  Google Play app store

b.  App Store

c.   Cydia

d.  The Android Market


6.  Which of the following statistics released by Google at its annual Google I/O conference is factual as of May 2015?

a.  Android devices ship to over 180 countries.

b.  Google Play had more than 2 billion active users.

c.   There were 50 billion app installs in the previous 12 months.

d.  Angry birds held the number-1 app install for the previous 12 months.


7.  What does WAP stand for?

a.  Wide Area Proxy

b.  Web Alternative Protocol

c.   Wireless Access Point

d.  Wireless Application Protocol

8.  Which of the following companies have manufactured Android devices?

a.  Samsung

b.  HTC

c.   Apple

d.  Motorola


9.  What brand of Android devices did Google create?

a.  Nexus

b.  Galaxy X

c.   T-Mobile G1

d.  Motorola Droid


10. What does API stand for?

a.  Automatic programming input

b.  Application programming interface

c.   Android program interpreter

d.  Algorithm parse iteration

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