pricing strategies 2 – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |

pricing strategies 2 – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |

HELPFUL RESOURCE: The following link is also a helpful resource for completing the assignments (and in general): Specifically, the following articles on financing your business may be helpful for this assignment: and


Please provide your answers in thought-out, coherent paragraphs and use complete sentences.

a. Describe the pricing strategies you used in your business. How did your price compare to the competition? Was your price high enough to cover your business costs and allow for sufficient profit? How did your price align with your target consumer profiles? Explain. Did you take out a loan or sell shares? Why or why not? How did this choice affect your credit and profitability? Over time, did your pricing strategies change? Why or why not? How has this impacted your business?
b. Which financial reports did you find most useful? Why?

c. Develop a cash budget for your business (This can be done in outline form). How would creating a cash budget help you avoid a cash crunch? Bring examples of decisions you made in the simulation to explain.

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