project 1 identify define amp describe a business information system 2 – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |

project 1 identify define amp describe a business information system 2 – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS |


For this assignment, you will need to use (1) your textbook, (2) the class lecture, and (3) some type external resource (e.g., news article, website) to identify a specific business information system and fully define and describe it.

  • Use APA style
  • Include a title page with a clear title that conveys the purpose and specific IS of this paper. For example: Identifying and Describing the Components of UNA’s DegreeWorks Information System
  • Include the sections as detailed below. Number each section (01, 02, 03…)
  • For all textbook terminology and other technical terminology, use boldface for the word(s) and define/describe upon the first usage.
  • submit via TurnItIn with an Originality Score of 17% or less
  • Review the scoring rubric for this assignment

  1. Introduction
    Begin with a purpose statement, for example, “The purpose of this paper is to thoroughly identify a specific business information system to …”

    Identify a specific business-related information system. This might be from your own personal business experience, as a student, one you’ve read about. You must be able to find sufficient information about this system to complete the assignment. Be careful not to disclose any company confidential information.

    Do not select a consumer-facing application, such as Uber or Gmail, but instead a complete “system” used in an organization. The organization may be not-for-profit or a government organization.
    HINT: If you are having difficulty identifying an IS, consider your role as a Student at UNA and what systems you interact with.

  2. Background of the System
    Next, include all necessary conceptual and contextual information to (1) demonstrate your understanding of the System, and (2)provide sufficient background to the reader. This background section could include any history or recent events (e.g., new regulations, system changes, cybersecurity incidents) and should include all relevant textbook terminology. For example, include CRM (p. 49) if you are identifying this type of system.

    HINT: Include terms from the SDLC. How does fully identifying and describing an IS fit within the SDLC Framework?

  3. Define & Describe of the System
    Drawing from your textbook and the classroom lecture (i.e., Cumbie’s IS Model), step through each component of an information system and fully describe each component. You may choose to include a table for the TECHNICAL components of the system that lists the specific hardware, software, network, and database applications in use with this system.

    HINT: Do not forget INPUTS and OUTPUTS (part of the PROCESS component in Cumbie’s Model)

  4. Business Value
    Further discuss the end-goal of this IS, that is, the Business Value. This may include costs, revenues, operational criticality, shortcomings, etc. In your discussion, consider ongoing trends in IT and IS and how they may affect this IS. For example, how do Cloud Services and Smart Phone Apps relate to this system?
  5. Conclusion

    Finish with a brief section with your closing thoughts, insights, and suggestions for future directions for this System. Identify any limitations that you faced (e.g., not having access to know a specific database product being used).

  6. References

    Include a reference section in APA format. At a minimum, this should include your textbook.References to software applications and class lectures should be included as footnotes.

Rubric hints;

  • Instructions:
    • Submit via TurnItIn with the proper sections and requirements
  • Format:
    • Crisp & Clear. Sufficient self-describing detail, clear purpose statement, organization (e.g., numbered headings), citations & footnotes, offset technical terms (e.g. boldface textbook & lecture terms)
  • Technical:
    • Describe & Define all technical terms. Include terms from lectures, include external information
  • Accuracy
    • Includes sufficient technical terms with no major omissions
  • Quality (over Quantity)
    • A comparative score to other submissions that stands out in any one area
    • Above and beyond in any one area

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