Qualities of an ideal businessperson English homework help

Thesis topic: Qualities of an ideal businessperson

Assignment 1: Discussion—Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the guiding light of your essay. It states the position the essay will take on a particular, specific topic. It implies the main points you will talk about throughout your essay without going into detail. When a teacher or fellow student reads only your thesis statement, he or she will know the subject and what you will say about the subject.

For example, if you were writing a paper on education reform, your thesis statement might say, “Education reform is moving too slowly in America right now because there is not enough funding for our educational system.” This thesis statement gives your position and shows a direction for your argument. It leads the reader to believe you might talk about how much teachers are paid, how money is used in education, and how it might be used more effectively.

In contrast, a thesis statement on education reform that says, “Education reform needs to happen more often” is not a good thesis statement. The reader does not know what kind of reform the writer is talking about or how it might happen. The paper has a position, but no direction.

In your initial discussion posting, post your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should:

    • State your position on your topic.
    • Describe the “why” of your argument.

Write your thesis statement in one sentence. Keep in mind that you need to construct your sentence to reflect adequate detail without being a run-on or comma splice. Use proper punctuation.

In your response postings, write at least three sentences to tell your fellow students what you think their paper might say after reading their thesis. You might include what you think their body paragraphs will address or what kinds of examples they might provide. In addition, include at least one question you have for them. You must respond to at least two of your fellow students in this way.

When commenting on your peers’ responses, be constructive. Questions such as “The first part of the thesis is clear, but could you reword the second part to make it clearer?” “Can you explain your argument a little more?” and “Why have you chosen this topic?” are helpful. Comments that disagree, such as “I think you are wrong,” and comments that are overly harsh, such as “Your writing is aimless,” are not helpful.

Student post 1:

Ideal qualities needed to be a successful business person include but are not limited to; good communication skills, effective time management, reliability, and passion. 

Student post 2:

Having manners can take you along way which most children of today do not understand.

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