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Qualitative research is dealing with narratives and explanations of outcomes. Quantitative research is a numbers and mathematical equations. Approaches are different with both. This is because qualitative research is process oriented with subjective and holistic approaches while Quantitative research is outcome oriented with focused and objective approaches. Sampling sizes are different as well. Quantitative is random with larger group intents and qualitative is purposive with small groups. Interpreting data with qualitative research is an ongoing basis and validity of the inferences are up to the reader. With quantitative research the interpretation is made at the end of the study and the inferences and generalizations of the study are up to the researcher to determine and never 100% certain. The data in quantitative research can be analyzed in a fast and easy way but you need to know how to interview people, how to budget your money, how to manage your time, and a lot more. Data collection using some quantitative methods is relatively quick (e.g., telephone interviews). It provides precise, quantitative, numerical data and the research results are relatively independent of the researcher (e.g., statistical significance). Data analysis is less time consuming (using statistical software). The disadvantage includes the fact that the categories that used in the research might not reflect local constituencies’ understandings. Depending on the scope of your research, it may take several months or years before you complete the study. The purpose of Qualitative research is to gain an understanding of underlying reasons and motivations as well as to provide insights into the setting of a problem, generating ideas and/or hypotheses for later quantitative research and to uncover prevalent trends in thought and opinion. Some of the advantages of using both in a study is that it strengthens the weaknesses of both quantitative and qualitative research by combining them. (Ramer, 2016)Two ways of thinking creates stronger theory. Mixed methods research is “practical” because it allows the researcher to use all or any methods possible to address a research problem. Some of the disadvantages are mixed methods research is not easy and can be very time consuming. Requires clear presentation to get maximum benefit out of study. Often researchers only are familiar with only one type of research and can only explain that one. (Ramer, 2016)Basically it requires knowledge of both forms of data collection.

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