Racial Discrimination against African American in the Criminal Justice System english assignment help

Write a 4 pages augmentative Research essay on Racial Discrimination against African American in the Criminal Justice System.

The research should be the evidence for your claims in your argument. You will need a minimum of five sources (annotated bibliography) MLA style and you can use some of the articles as your source as well example: Drug War Nightmare.

Please follow the outline below:

Argumentative Essay Outline



b)Background information


2)Develop Your Argument   

a)Make a claim 1

i)Evidence 1a

ii)Evidence 1b

iii)Evidence 1c

b)Make a claim 2

i)Evidence 2a

ii)Evidence 2b

iii)Evidence 2c

c)Make a claim 3

i)Evidence 3a

ii)Evidence 3b

iii)Evidence 3c

(you could have more claims and evidence)

3)Refuting Opponents’ Arguments

a)Opposing view 1

i)Refutation 1

b)Opposing view 2

i)Refutation 2


a)Restate the importance of your issue

b)Paint a picture of the world depicting what would happen if your argument is (or is not) implemented

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