Sherman s March to the Sea history homework help

Respond to the following discussion:

I believe that Sherman’s march to the Sea and the breaking of the spirit of the Southern civilian population was necessary to bring an end to the war.  The Union had to destroy the Souths ability to make war and its ability to sustain it.  Sherman is quoted as saying of the Southern people “Now that the war comes home to you, you feel very different. You deprecate its horrors, but did not feel them when you sent car-loads of soldiers and ammunition…” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  The Union had to make the south feel the loss and hardship of what continuing the war would bring upon them so “as [to] change the hearts of those people of the South, but we can make war so terrible . . . [and] make them so sick of war that generations would pass away before they would again appeal to it.” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010)

Sherman unleashed “total war” in his march to the sea, and it was brutal and destructive, but did what it was supposed to do: it hurt the morale of the south, and destroyed the ability of the South to make and provide support to the Confederate armies.  ( 2016).  This hastened the end of the war but with a cost come reconstruction.  A young planter would explain his feelings of the North: “They have slaughtered our kindred . . . destroyed our prosperity as a people & filled our whole land with sorrow. . . . I have vowed that if I should have children—the first ingredient of the first principle of their education shall be uncompromising hatred & contempt of the Yankee.” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).  These sentiments of hatred and distrust for the North would last for generations afterward and were in large part because the North brought the war home to the Southern people.

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