Signature Assignment Final Stage Presentation math homework help

Create a 5- to 7-minute presentation that must include:

  • Introduction (approximately 1 minute):
    • Introduce your topic and question. 
    • Why did it interest you? How does it relate to your degree program?
    • What should the audience learn from your presentation?
  • Visuals/Evidence (approximately 4-5 minutes):
    • Show your tables, scatterplot, graphs, calculations, and any other evidence to support your conclusion(s).
    • Discuss why you selected each visuals/evidence.
  • Conclusion (approximately 1 minute):
    • Restate your topic and question and give your answer to the question.
    • How confident are you that your conclusion is sound?
    • What work would need to be done to increase your confidence?
    • Discuss what you learned from this project.

Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.

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