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Suicide is a long term solution that shouldn’t be used for a short term problem.
When thinking of times where the ethical choice is to not only “allow” a person to commit suicide but to help them do so is in times where the person has a fatal disease but should this option be limited to adults? In most countries where assisted suicide is legal it is only available to adults as kids are seen as not being able to make such decisions. Their brains are not yet fully developed and they may not be able to fully understand the weight of such a difficult choice. Belgium is allowing a minor to take part in physician assisted suicide. The process to get approved for this life ending program is very difficult. Counseling is preformed, medical records evaluated and so much more. As a parent I know what my children can and can’t comprehend. When my eldest was 7 he began to question things like the tooth fairy and Santa. After losing a tooth he began to throw a fit because he just didn’t understand what was going on. I took him aside and said that while I didn’t want him to lose the magic of childhood I could no longer sit by and watch him be miserable with questioning. I asked if he wanted to keep the magic alive or learn the truth. He opted for the truth. He instantly felt much better and has recently even acted as the tooth fairy for his little brother. My youngest is getting ready to turn 7 and I don’t see him questioning the magic any time soon. I would never want to see either of them in pain. I would never want their life to end but if either of them got a fatal disease it would be hard for me to object them wanting to end their life. I know that neither of them can really grasp the concept of the bigger picture yet but they understand death all too well. 


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