1.Do you feel employers who offer unpaid internships take unfair advantage of students’ knowledge and skills? Under what circumstances might it be a good idea to take an unpaid internship? When might it not be a good idea?


1.I don’t feel like employers take advantage of students’ knowledge or skills when offering unpaid internships. Unpaid internships allow the student to get experience and on the job training, which looks good on resumes and better than not having an internship at all. I think under any circumstance that it is doable in a student’s life to take advantage of any internship that he or she should do so. On a positive note, if the student does a good enough job during an internship, the employer could start paying the student. It may not be a good idea to take an unpaid internship if it takes time away the student’s actual job causing the student to not being able to pay bills due to lack of money. 


I don’t feel employers who offer unpaid internships take advantage of student’s knowledge and skills because the employer is offering an opportunity  many college students are not given. I would be more than grateful if offered an internship whether paid or unpaid, just to get the experience. It would be a good idea to take an unpaid internship if you’re financially able to do so, but if you’re the sole provider of your family/self then an unpaid internship might not be a good idea.

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