Televising Executions English homework help

Please read the instruction, this is a three separate paper essay, You will choose an issue from the list  and write Three separate arguments, one defending,  one refuting and one taking a stand. Issues are listed below, choose one issue and write three separate papers , 2-3 pages doubled spaced and new times font 12 for each paper except the third paper  taking a stand which requires 3-4 pages . Remember to write a short thesis at the top of each page, for position provide relevant premises that are to the best of your knowledge accurate. for the Defending and Refuting paper do not provide an introduction or conclusion but for the taking a stand paper provides a well-written introduction,premises that will draw from the other two papers, support your position,acknowledge opposite view, conceding and refuting  and good conclusion.

Choose one of the following issues

Assault weapons should be banned,

 Executions should be televised,

Parents should be permitted to withhold vaccines from their school age children

Schools should have the right to ban cell phone use during the school day

Military draft should be reinstated

Public service should be required for all people between the ages of 18 and 25

Medical research on animals should be forbidden by law

Athletes who have used performance enhanced drugs should be permitted to hold records they have achieved

All restaurants should be required to post the calories of their menu items

Girls 17 and under should be required to obtain parental permission before having abortion

torture is justified when the security of the nation is at stake.

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