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textual analysis 5 – BRAINY ESSAY WRITERS | brainyessaywriters.com


You must complete a 1000 word textual analysis of one of the supplied texts (see below in File: instructions and images), using the theoretical and analytical methods available on the sources uploaded. This analysis should articulate a likely interpretation of the text, and provide a detailed analysis of how the text communicates this meaning to its audience.

Technical Details:

  • Assignment must be written and organised in standard academic essay style (APA).
  • Pick one of the 5 options of images provided in the file (instructions and images) let me know which one you will you choose.
  • You should clearly specify which text you are analysing at the start of the essay.
  • Your analysis must make reference to unit materials where appropriate.
  • As you are the one undertaking the analysis, you may use first person voice, but only do so sparingly.
  • Your analysis must be accompanied by a bibliography/reference list.
  • Essay must be 1.5 or double spaced.
  • Use 5 of the sources provided and make sure they are used appropriately.
  • Do a plagiarism check
  • Grammar must be 100% correct

there are more sources needs to be uplo

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