the differences and similarities between the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt history homework help

Essay Topic 1: the differences, and similarities, between the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt

Essay Topic2:  the origins and evolution of Hebrew monotheism

Write each topic for a short essay, 4-5 paragraphs. Do not write a huge paragraph. Read each topic carefully and  answer as completely as you can. Don’t forget to answer any questions.

  • Structure your answer in paragraphs
  • include a thesis statement
  • give examples to support your argument
  • include the approximate time period in your answer
  • Do not use any outside material , do not quote anything.

Essay should include:

¤ a clear thesis statement

¤ an argument, based on evidence

¤ examples to support your argument

Try to avoid

¤ Sentences that are too short or too long

¤ Addressing more than one topic per paragraph

¤ Slang, casual language, and contractions

¤ Personal pronouns (I, you, we)

¤ Overly broad statements (always, never)

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