the VP of Logistics and Supply Chain Management management homework help

1. As the VP of Logistics and Supply Chain Management for a transnational enterprise, list at least three steps you would take to insure that you are providing your firm with the highest level of logistics and supply chain related competitive advantage possible.

2. An exporter invests in a facility abroad, but finds one or more partners with which to share the costs of the venture and it results in creation of a new corporation in a foreign country. This is an example f a(n) ____________________ venture.

3. When one firm grants another firm in a foreign country the right to use its intellectual property in exchange for a royalty, this is an example of ________________________.

4. The purpose of an ICC Model Contract is to ________________________.

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5. What does the term “C-TPAT” stand for and what is the purpose of this program?

6. In international trade, what is an export agent?

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