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Two Response Posts (RP).

  • Respond to two other students’ or instructor posts
  • RPs should be 150-250 words
  • Add new content, a distinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes the topic thread more clear
  • Draw attention to a consideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new information motivates clearer understanding of the topic
  • Students should contribute to the discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a meaningful way. Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.

Responses will be graded for content, length, and level of introspection. 

Discussion 1

What is ethical egoism? One quote is our books sums it up: “some people believe that we have no duties to others. On their view, known as Ethical Egoism, each person ought to pursue his or her own self-interest exclusively. This is the morality of selfishness. It holds that our only duty is to do what is best for ourselves. Other people matter only insofar as they can benefit us,” (Raches, Rachels, pg. 65, 2015).

It is very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the concept of Ethical Egoism, because it’s entirely contradictory to the basis of nursing. I was raised to be honest, do the “right thing,” help others without seeking gratification, and to do these things because my purpose in life is bigger than my selfish wants or even needs. I feel that it’s possible for me to love and value myself, without feeding into a self-important ego.

The idea of “us and them” is based on the ugly habit of division, in human nature. Superior and inferior separation of human beings is the foundation of Ethical Egoism. When we place our individual, or common interest, needs on a platform, we are denying that other people have an equal need(s) to be met. Basically to say, “My only requirement in life is to make ME happy,” and “I don’t place any importance on your existence in my life, unless I need you, or you can do something that will make ME happy.” The problems that occur with this type of thinking and functioning, in society, is a real detachment from community, team work, healthy relationships with give and take, as well as, increased room for conflict. When the boundaries are broken down, there becomes a free-for-all. Suddenly the popular phrase, “it’s either gonna be us, or them,” fueling fear and defense, describes the new precedent for society; fully divided and on the defense.

Rachels, S., & Rachels, J. (2015). The elements of moral philosophy (Eighth ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Discussion 2 

Do you feel that political figures in the United States struggle with pragmatism? Support your stance with theory and current events.RPs should effectively support agreement or disagreement., 

I feel that Donald Trump is a pragmatist, when he sees a problem he does not see it as liberal or conservative like most politicians.  This is probably because he is really not a politician.  He is a business man.  For this reason when he sees a problem he sees that it has to be fixed.  He may not take the most popular approach to fix the problem, but as a business man he is probably not worried about making friends.  I feel that he sees viewing problems as liberal or conservative just creates more problems, because it boosts spending to fix the problem, lets say in the most conservative way.  Lets take immigration for example, it is a problem that needs to be dealt with in the most pragmatic way.  Now Donald Trump may not say the right things or lay out his plan the right way, but in the end he may solve the immigration problem.  He also sees that the currency problem in China needs to be fixed and I feel that he will take a pragmatic approach to deal with this problem.  Like I said before he is a business man and will handle business.  Other politicians need to be pragmatic in the way that when they see a problem they find a way to fix it, not dance around the subject and try not to hurt feelings or try to make friends by making promises they know they will not keep.

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