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Textbook: Insel, P. & Roth, W. (2015). Connect core concepts in health (14th Ed.). New York,

                             NY: McGraw-Hill Education


Directions: Now that you have taken Indiana University (2016) Plagiarism Tutorial and Tests, and have successfully passed the plagiarism certification test, demonstrate your knowledge by: 1. Answering the following questions; and 2. Responding to the posts of two of your classmates.

Please submit meaningful responses rather than “I agree” or “Me too”.

Evaluation: You will earn 10 points total for this discussion. Two points will be earned for the following criteria:

  • Frequency: How many meaningful posts. You will be expected to have three.
  • Distribution: How were your posts distributed through the time in which you could post? You should spread out your posts and not make posts within a few hours or on the same day.
  • Initial Post/Content: Did you make an initial post that was thoughtful and correct?
  • Follow-Up Posts/Content: Did you extend the discussion by building on the posts of others or replying to others’ posts to you?
  • Clarity/Mechanics/Netiquette: Were your posts following guidelines set for proper “Netiquette“? Were they grammatically correct and clear/easy to read?


1. In your own words, what is plagiarism?

2. When do students typically plagiarize and what are the typical excuses when a person is caught plagiarizing?

3. Name two examples of plagiarism outside of the college arena and the consequences? How are the consequences of plagarizing in educational institution similar?

4. In this technological age, name two technologies that help instructors detect plagiarism? Are there non-technological tools that also aid instructors in this effort?

5. What methods can be used by students to avoid plagiarism? Does critical thinking, comprehension and ability to analyze resources help?

6. What remaining questions do you have (i.e. about responsible documentation, APA style, etc.)?


-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.

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