What specific facts are you required to know share and defend in your field English Discussion Response

In this week’s discussion, we are to answer the following:

  1. What specific facts are you required to know, share, and defend in your field?
  2. What sources do you consider most credible when you defend facts and statements to someone who is questioning you about the accuracy of your claims?
This is one of my classmates response:
As a Detention Specialist working in a jail for a local sheriff’s office, I am required to have knowledge of my office’s policies and procedures (including both detentions and patrol), an adequate amount of emergency medical skills such as CPR, and knowledge of the Colorado Revised Statutes. This is only the absolute minimum being as other specialists have extra training on how to handle riots, cell extractions, courts, gangs, and special management inmates. 

When it comes to defending myself while dealing with someone who is questioning my authority or why I am doing something that I am doing it is helpful to be able to cite specific Colorado law in order to defend myself. The same goes with defending myself with my office’s policies and procedures because there are often times that the answer can be found by pulling up a specific policy where it states word for word on how the process of something works. Another credible source in law enforcement is also field training experience because commonly in law enforcement people will ask to speak to my supervisor (mainly as a way of verifying something that I had already told them) and when the answer is the same from my Sergeant then the disagreement often ends there. “

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