Wireshark Lab computer science homework help

An effective method for gaining a deeper understanding of network protocols is to observe the protocol’s communication. One method to do this is by using a “packet sniffer” to capture network traffic associated with the protocol’s communication.

This Assignment introduces you to the Wireshark packet sniffer. You will download and install Wireshark, and use it to capture and analyze network communication associated with the HTTP protocol, a very common application layer protocol.


  • Download the directions for both of this week’s Wireshark Labs.
    • The directions are provided in the Student Resources section of the textbook’s companion website, which you can find in this week’s Resources area.
    • Click on the Wireshark Labs link from the Student Resources area of the website.
    • You will be asked to log in to the system with Login Name and Password. To do this, you will first need to register.
      • If you have not yet registered, click the Register button.
      • Read through the Privacy Policy and License Agreement, then click the I Acceptbutton at the bottom.
      • Indicate whether or not you already have a Pearson account. If not, create a Login Name and Password.
      • There is space for an access code in the Access Code area. Your textbook includes the access code on the inside cover. Input the access code as it appears in your textbook, then click the Next button at the bottom.
    • Once you have successfully logged in, a list of Wireshark Labs appears for download.
      • Download the Getting Started and HTTP Wireshark Labs.

By Day 7, submit a paper, in which you do the following:

  • Perform the steps documented in the Wireshark Lab directions. The directions will include questions that you are to answer and steps you will take to capture screenshots of the Wireshark display (or by printing the displayed contents to a PDF document).
  • Prepare a Word document that contains your answers to the questions, as well as your screenshots. Once you have completed your Assignment, create a zip archive that contains any PDF documents produced by printing information from within Wireshark. You will submit your Word document separately.

Submit your zip file to the Assignment 1 Part 1 – Week 6 submission link and your Word document to theAssignment 1 Part 2 Turnitin – Week 6 submission link.

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