Worthy Cause Scenarios math homework help

The goal is to determine if the cause is most worthy. 

Role #3 Health Analyst

Analyze cancer in the United States.  Do you believe that cancer is a major problem in the U.S.?  Is it getting worse year by year or better?  What does the data suggest? 

a)  Go to the statistical abstracts: (https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2011/compendia/statab/131ed.html) and find data tables that support your argument.

b)  Make at least 2 graphics from these data. One should be a scatterplot with a trend line, R square, and equation.  The other graph/graphs is/are of your choosing.

c)  Note: be careful about saying a trend is increasing.  It could be because the population is increasing.  Make sure that you divide your values by the population in that year to standardize the values.  That way you can report them as a proportion.

d)  Include your graph, equation, calculations and results.

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